The First PoW Yield Farm has been audited by Paladin Blockchain Security

Daikiri Finance | Paladin Blockchain Security

$DAIKI holders we are excited to announce that the First Proof-of-Work Farm has been audited by Paladin Blockchain Security.

As part of the preparations of our upcoming launch on Polygon ($MATIC), our MixologistMiner contract was audited by Paladin. The audit helped us improve the contract, palliate potential issues, as well as increasing trust on the this new type of Yield Farm.

Our MixologistMiner contract implements the proof-of-work functionality pioneered by 0xBitcoin, into our Masterchef contract, to enable users to earn $DAIKI tokens through proof-of-work mining, as well as through LP-Token staking. This way, we enable a fairer and wider token distribution of the $DAIKI token that benefits our ecosystem in the long-term.

The audit is available at