Mixology Pools: Stake $DAIKI to Farm New Tokens!

Mixology Pools

What are Mixology Pools?

Mixology Pools allow projects to bootstrap adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens to $DAIKI token holders.

Mixology Pools will be split into two sections: Core and Community.

  • Core will be initially selected by the Daikiri Finance team and could include new tokens developed by the core team or tokens from external projects/teams.
  • Community will be projects that pass a community vote on the governance portal (once it is released).

Note that any project will be able to distribute tokens via Mixology Pool but only projects that win a vote would be listed on the Daikiri Finance interface as default option (in order to discourage scams).

Why would projects want to participate?

Since Daikiri Finance has had a wide distribution of tokens among +14k holders, Mixology Pool projects will allow projects to receive traction and market attention by issuing tokens to a large community.

Projects will also receive an immediate default listing on the Daikiri Finance platform, obtaining priority promotion on the exchange and social media.

Extending the utility of $DAIKI tokens

The $DAIKI token is a governance token and an incentive layer on top of DAIKI-LP tokens to reward Liquidity Providers in DaikiriSwap’s liquidity pools.

With Mixology Pools we create a new use-case and a mechanism to reward $DAIKI token-holders and create additional demand for the token.

Benefits to blockchains

Newer smart contract platforms like Harmony (among others) still have a young DeFi ecosystem and are missing important infrastructure to bootstrap decentralized protocols and grow an active ecosystem.

Daikiri Finance’s Mixology Pools help developers and entrepreneurs bootstrap and distribute new projects and tokens to a wide community and token-holder base; this way, we work together to develop and create the ecosystem of collaboration and composability we all want.

What are the projects?

You are excited about Daikiri Finance’s Mixology Pools, and eager to start staking $DAIKI to earn new tokens? Don’t worry, the first tokens will be announced very soon!