Daikiri Welcomes $SUSHI to the First PoW Yield Mining Pools in DeFi

DAIKI holders, today we are happy to be able to offer you a new Proof-of-Work Yield Mining Pool from $SUSHI, which is expanding its ecosystem on Harmony.

What’s a PoW Yield Mining Pool?

Proof-of-Work Mining Pools are a new type of Yield Farms introduced by Daikiri Finance to enable users to earn ERC20-based tokens by using computational power.

The PoW Yield Mining Pool

Mine with your PC’s CPU to earn $SUSHI tokens

Total Tokens: 150 $SUSHI

Mining duration: 30 days

Token rewards per “mined block”: 0.000578704 $SUSHI

Required Collateral: 200 DAIKI

In order to host the first community PoW Mining Pool, Daikiri Finance has provided 150 $SUSHI to the mining pool to enable miners to earn 0.000578704 $SUSHI per “found block”, targeting a duration of 30 days.

To obtain $SUSHI rewards you will need to set up your miner and hold at least 200 DAIKI in your mining account. The collateral is not locked and can be moved at any moment, but verification is performed by the mining contract in order to award the mining rewards.

Set up your Miner

So you are ready to start mining $SUSHI? First you need to download and configure the mining software:


Then, inside your miner-config.json point your miner to the Mining Farm Contract and use Harmony’s RPC endpoint.

“contract_address”: “0x25C99Bad662Af28BCE295987D7673C46d42a11a5”

“web3provider”: “https://api.harmony.one"

If you need help, or get stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us on Telegram: https://t.me/daikiri_finance