Daikiri Finance — The Fire Rises (v0.1.0)

We are excited to announce the coming launch of the Daikiri Ecosystem ($DAIKI).

Daikiri Finance — Building a Fairer Future Together


  • The objective of Daikiri Finance is to help blockchains bootstrap a full-stack DeFi ecosystem and establish the building blocks to enable liquidity, adoption, and incentivize other developers and protocols to build on top of these foundations.
  • Daikiri Finance — a cross-chain, full-stack DeFi DAO launching DaikiriSwap and yield farms as its first protocols on Harmony.
  • Daikiri Token ($DAIKI) — a fair launched, revenue-generating governance token used to govern the Daikiri Finance ecosystem, enable yield farming, and staking of other tokens.
  • DKBTC and DKONE— The First Elastic Supply tokens on Harmony which will help to provide a hedge against volatility, enable easy cross-chain transfers of value, incentivize liquidity and reward $DAIKI holders.
  • DaikiriSwap — An Automated Market Marker DEX with gamified UX to enable wider adoption and community participation.
  • Liquidity Providing — Provide liquidity to pools to get LP-Tokens and earn revenue from the DaikiriSwap Fees.
  • Yield Farming — Use LP-Tokens to farm $DAIKI and enter a world of possibilities.
  • Staking — Stake $DAIKI to earn $DKUSD and other tokens to obtain amazing returns.
  • Yield Aggregator — Deposit tokens from liquidity pools to maximize yield earning.
  • Daikiri Project Launchpad — Discover early-stage DeFi projects and join projects before anyone.

Daikiri Finance

More than a single protocol, Daikiri is a multi-chain DeFi application platform with a set of protocols designed to bootstrap the next stage of DeFi adoption, and establish the required infrastructure for blockchains to import liquidity, innovation, and adoption to their ecosystems and communities.

The first protocols to be launched are DaikiriSwap, an Automated Market Marker, Yield Farming and Staking platform, and $DKBTC / $DKONE, the first elastic-supply tokens on Harmony.

You can view our platform and additional details at daikiri.finance

The Daikiri Token ($DAIKI)

$DAIKI is the governance token that rules the Daikiri Finance ecosystem by putting the control of all protocols in the hands of the community. Token holders are able to participate in governance and important decisions of the ecosystem, and they get exposure to every new idea and implementation in the ecosystem.

$DAIKI Tokenomics

Daikiri Finance is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), thus we have designed the token economics with a long term vision in mind, and to incentivize early adopters and developers to contribute to the ecosystem.

  • The total supply of $DAIKI will be 10 million.
  • $DAIKI is the governance token of the Daikiri Ecosystem, thus its price will fluctuate, so we have introduced deflationary mechanisms to incentivize long term holders.
  • $DAIKI will be rewarded to liquidity providers with multipliers to incentivize early adopters and backers.
  • $DAIKI holders will be able to stake their tokens to receive $DKBTC and $DKONE through different mechanisms.
  • As the governance token of the Daikiri Finance cross-chain ecosystem, $DAIKI will be minted through yield farming, and other methods, on 8 different blockchains, without ever surpassing the 10 million target.
  • $DAIKI token-holders could introduce optionally, through governance, an adjustable inflation rate to further incentivize liquidity providers, once the token has reached the max supply.
  • The total supply will be fairly distributed to the community through yield farming and other mechanisms.

Emission Rate

$DAIKI will be farmable on 8 different blockchains, and it will be required to obtain $DKONE and $DKBTC. For this reason, we have created an emission rate with an schedule designed to make an initial supply available to farmers/stakers and reward early supporter, and then apply a deflationary mechanism to prevent dilution. Only ~11% of the total supply will be available the first year on Harmony’s blockchain:

Staking $DAIKI to earn $DKBTC, $DKONE and other tokens.

$DAIKI token holders will also be able to stake their tokens and earn new tokens from the DaikiriSwap pools: at launch, users will be able to stake $DAIKI to earn $DKBTC and $DKONE tokens. This way, users will have an additional mechanism to fairly receive the first eleastic-supply tokens on Harmony.

Launch Date: 10:00 am GMT June 21st, 2021

Contract Details

  • $DAIKI Token: 0xF315803Ba9dA293765ab163E7dB98E8d6Df6D361
  • $DKBTC Token: 0xc67d463DCFe2f00B68013fdF58EB7Ee3bFCbDcdA
  • $DKONE Token: 0x55424D262175feb001E125a54254134CCFE1245C
  • DaikiriFactory: 0xDeC6342a3eb1b2Bc06B739F2A7221C978C93efb3
  • DaikiriRouter: 0x15527b33BEf39F5dEB8aa0360aED18ad9982E5D8

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