$DAIKI Distribution to ALL Validators & Delegators in Harmony

Daikiri Finance

The launch of Daikiri Swap and Farms has been moved to June 25th to publish more information about the project, address questions the community might have, and prepare a better marketing campaign. For these reasons, we have decided to start distributing the $DAIKI token to all validators and delegators staking more than 1,000 ONE.


Yes, you read correctly. The distribution will last 4 days, and each day every validator/delegator will receive 0.1 $DAIKI directly to their wallet, and will be able to use it immediately.

$DAIKI Tokenomics

There will only be 10M $DAIKI, and they will be minted in 8 blockchains selected by the community. The first blockchain will be Harmony. This means only 1,250,000 $DAIKI will be minted in Harmony. The distribution will be conducted in Daikiri Finance’s farms. Every block 0.6 $DAIKI will be distributed in all farms, and every 10 days the emission will be reduced 20%.

Holding $DAIKI: Long Term Incentives

$DAIKI holder will be able to stake their tokens in pools to obtain new tokens from other projects. Additionally, users holding at least 1 $DAIKI (this amount is still under consideration and could change) in the coming weeks will be able to receive part of the distribution of a new token that will be announced in the coming days or weeks.

The List

We have gathered a list with the addresses of all validators and delegators staking at least 1,000 ONE here:


The list was gathered using Harmony’s staking API. The snapshot was taken on June 21st, and will be used to conduct the 4-day token distribution.

Don’t Trust, Verify

Airdrops can be obscure and manipulated. When a project announces an airdrop through social media or web forms, bots tend to participate and there’s not much clarity whether the addresses are from real people. To avoid this issue, we have decided to only distribute tokens to a publicly verifiable list. Everyone can search any address on https://explorer.harmony.one and verify that the account is in fact a delegator or validator, staking more than 1,000.